ASREL uses the LOCKSS system to allow the creation of permanent archives in libraries for conservation and restoration, as well as the distributed archiving system of participating libraries. If you would like to know more about the LOCKSS system. CLICK THE LINK

Based on Stanford University Libraries, the LOCKSS Program provides award-winning, low-cost, open source digital protection tools to provide libraries and publishers with access to persistent and authoritative digital content. The LOCKSS Program is a library-led digital protection system built on the principle of "securing large numbers of copies". The LOCKSS Program develops and supports libraries using open source end-to-end digital protection software.

The LOCKSS system allows librarians at each institution to access and protect their subscribed e-content and restore the printed buying model that librarians are familiar with.

The Global LOCKSS Network protects today's e-journals and e-books for tomorrow's readers. The Global LOCKSS Network is a proven conservation approach that empowers both libraries and publishers in a unique way. The Global LOCKSS Network is managed by the Stanford University Libraries LOCKSS Program. For additional information, you can consult the LOCKSS Program website.

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